The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics and Electrical engineering has been funded in 2015.


The Faculty is engaged in the field of education and scientific research in the field of engineering, IT and pedagogical training. The structure is in line with the social and economic needs of the northwestern Transdanubian region, which is demonstrated by the high number of graduates and the favorable labor market position of graduates. The significant industrial potential and dynamic development of Győr provides a solid background for the practice orientation of the training.


The background of education and research is provided by well-equipped laboratories. The Faculty's scientific and industrial research potential has grown considerably and has extensive, intensive industrial, social and international relationships.


The aim of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics and Electrical Engineering is to provide competitive engineers, IT professionals and technical educators for the efficient operation of Győr and the region's economy.


The Radio Frequency Testing Laboratory is part of the Faculty, which has been established to examine the basic spectrum management requirements for radio equipment and is an independent testing laboratory.


I hope to see you as a student of the Faculty.


Prof. Dr. Kuczmann Miklós